From Member to Employee: Meet Allegra

July 24, 2018

When Allegra qualified for Medicaid through Medicaid Expansion, she didn’t hesitate – she chose Louisiana Healthcare Connections as her health plan right away.

“My sister worked in the community as a Community Health Service Representative for Louisiana Healthcare Connections, and that was inspiring to me as a regular person because I’d never seen a company show that much effort to connect to its members,” Allegra says.

As a member, Allegra learned she was pregnant. Then she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, and her daughter, Olivia, was born prematurely at only 32 weeks. Little Olivia spent a month in the hospital, and Allegra was there every single day. “I traveled to the hospital twice a day for 40 days to be with Olivia in the NIC-U,” she says.

And Louisiana Healthcare Connections was there for her every step of the way, providing her with helpful information about her benefits, postpartum care and support programs.

“I felt so good that Louisiana Healthcare Connections was my plan! There was a lot less stress on my shoulders from not worrying about coverage and knowing that I had those options,” Allegra says.

Allegra was so impressed by the care she received as a member that she knew she wanted to be part of it. She applied to be a Community Health Services Connector, and since November 2017, Allegra has been helping our members improve their health and understand their benefits. “People find comfort knowing I was once a member,” she says.

In addition to visiting members in their homes, Allegra visits area schools and libraries where she reads to children, teaches them about healthy habits and gives them free books as part of Louisiana Healthcare Connections’ Kicks and Giggles Program.

But most importantly, she loves spending time with her beautiful, healthy daughter, Olivia, who recently turned one. “She is healthy and strong. People wouldn’t believe she was a preemie,” Allegra says.

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