Complete Coverage

for all necessary medical care

$25 Bonus Reward

for each annual WellNESS Check-Up

Complete Coverage

for all of your child’s necessary medical care

Image Of A Young Girl Benefitting From Child Health Insurance LaCHIP In Louisiana - Louisiana Healthcare ConnectionsImage Of A Young Girl Benefitting From Child Health Insurance LaCHIP In Louisiana - Louisiana Healthcare ConnectionsImage Of A Young Girl Benefitting From Child Health Insurance LaCHIP In Louisiana - Louisiana Healthcare Connections

LaCHIP—Louisiana Children’s Health Insurance Program for Coverage in Louisiana

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. So does Louisiana Healthcare Connections. That’s why we offer benefits and programs to keep your child healthy. If they are under age 21 and qualify for LaCHIP, they receive:

  • Medical ServicesComplete coverage for all their necessary medical care
  • PrescriptionsPrescription medications with no copay
  • Provider VisitsUnlimited visits to their Primary Care Provider (PCP)
  • TransportationFree transportation to and from their medical appointments
  • DentalDental exams, teeth cleanings, X-rays and more through MCNA Dental coverage
  • VisionVision screenings, annual eye exams and eyeglass frames and lenses (three pair per year)
  • ImmunizationsImmunizations for all their back-to-school needs and for their ongoing health
  • Access Access to over 15,000 specialists, PCPs and providers across the state
  • HotlineFree 24/7 nurse advice hotline for your health questions

Our Louisiana Child Health INSURANCE

You care for your children from pregnancy through adulthood. With a Louisiana Healthcare Connections plan, your child is automatically covered after birth. Louisiana Healthcare Connections gives your child access to more than 15,000 health care providers in Louisiana. We cover immunizations and prescriptions without copays. We also provide vision care.

Members who perform healthy behaviors also earn bonus rewards for things like completing their annual Well-Child Check-Ups. These cash benefits range from $5 to $30. They are stored on a My Health Pays™ card. The card is reloaded every time an eligible healthy behavior is completed. Learn more about our My Health Pays™ program.

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bonus rewards for healthy habits

Taking your child to the doctor when they feel healthy is the best way to make sure they are healthy and stay healthy. As a member, your child automatically qualifies for a My Health Pays™ card. They receive:
  • $30 for completing all six Well-Child Checkups at 2, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 15 months
  • $10 per Well-Child Checkup for children age 2 – 20 (one per year)
  • $5 per flu shot (one per flu season, September through April)
  • $10 for completing three screenings (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV)
Learn more about My Health Pays™.

More Child Benefits for BETTER health

If your child needs more than basic care, we’ve got you covered. Louisiana Healthcare Connections provides more benefits to ensure your children get the services they need when they need them. We offer:
  • Lab and X-ray services
  • Nutrition and diet education
  • Testing, counseling and treatment for all STIs—including confidential HIV testing
  • Outpatient hospital care
  • Personal care services
  • Occupational, physical, speech and language therapy services
  • Mental health and substance use services
  • Home health assistance services
Some services may need prior approval.


Who Qualifies?

Our plan is open to those who qualify for Medicaid or LaChip. Through the expansion of Medicaid in Louisiana, more adults are eligible for coverage.

About Louisiana Healthcare Connections

We have deep roots in our Louisiana communities. We live and work here. And we are proud to offer quality health insurance to adults, families, and seniors in all parts of the state. Louisiana Healthcare Connections is a provider for Healthy Louisiana. All members must qualify for Medicaid.


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