Our Members Are Important

Helping our members build healthy lives with their families is our goal. And stories like this one about Melody, a Louisiana Healthcare Connections member, are why we try to help our members get the tools and resources they need to get – and stay – healthy.

Last year in December, Debbie—a Louisiana Healthcare Connections Behavioral Health Specialist—got an urgent call from Melody. Melody needed help right away.

Melody was a single mom who had left an abusive place. She was all alone with nowhere to go and little money. She had slept in her car the night before with her four-month-old son. Her car was low on gas. Worst of all, she was low on baby food. She had begun to panic. Debbie could hear the fear in her voice. Debbie was determined to help.

“Her state of mind was so weak, she could not think straight,” recalls Debbie. “My goal was to get her to a better mental space. Until then, we could not talk about next steps.” Debbie kept Melody on the phone until she reached her case manager, Susan.

Susan called a local community center with housing and support programs. Within hours, the center provided most of what Melody needed: baby food, diapers and clothes. Melody also got some mental health advice. Thanks to Debbie and Susan, Melody received the care she needed.

“I am passionate about what I do. I think of our members as members of my family. If Melody were my mom, my cousin or my sister, I would fight to get her whatever she needed,” said Susan.

Melody’s best gift last year? Being hired for her dream job as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Helping members like Melody is a priority for us, and this Thanksgiving, we are grateful for the opportunity to share her story.

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Last Revised: February 2, 2021