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Photo Of A Family Benefiting From Louisiana Medicaid - Louisiana Healthcare ConnectionsPhoto Of A Family Benefiting From Louisiana Medicaid - Louisiana Healthcare ConnectionsPhoto Of A Family Benefiting From Louisiana Medicaid - Louisiana Healthcare Connections

Louisiana Medicaid Coverage for Pregnancy

Louisiana Healthcare Connections knows having a baby is a huge life change. So we offer complete coverage that you—and your baby—can count on. Our wide network of doctors and birthing facilities makes it easy for you to get the care you need. Our pregnancy healthcare benefits for women include:

  • Pregnancy CoverageFull pregnancy healthcare coverage
  • Medical ServicesUnlimited visits to your in-network OB/GYN
  • AccessAccess to over 600 OB/GYNs and over 125 hospitals in Louisiana
  • PrescriptionsPrescription medications with no copay
  • Start Smart for Your Baby® for special support and phone application
  • Free TransportationFree transportation to and from your medical appointments
  • HotlineFree 24/7 nurse advice hotline for your health questions

Louisiana Medicaid Coverage for Your Baby

Through Louisiana Healthcare Connections, your baby receives complete coverage for medical care, including:

  • Logo Image Of Bonus Rewards Points For Louisiana Child Health Insurance LaCHIP - Louisiana Healthcare ConnectionsUp to $190 in My Health Pays™ rewards for completing healthy habits during your pregnancy plus your postpartum visit
  • ScreeningsHealth, vision, hearing, dental and periodic screenings
  • ImmunizationsImmunizations for all their back-to-school needs and for their ongoing health
  • Medical ServicesCircumcision for your newborn baby boy

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How Can I Qualify?

Medicaid expansion in Louisiana means that many families who did not qualify before June 2016 may now be eligible for benefits. Review the eligibility income chart. If your income is at or below the levels listed, you may now qualify for Medicaid benefits. Louisiana Healthcare Connections can help families who are accepted into the Medicaid program manage conditions and live a healthier life. Contact us to learn more or to discuss benefits if you have already qualified for Medicaid services in Louisiana.


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