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Medicaid provides no-cost health insurance for Louisiana residents who are unemployed or have low income. Louisiana Healthcare Connections provides Medicaid… made personal.


What do you get as a member?

Chances are, it’s more than you think. As a Louisiana Healthcare Connections member, you get a family of nurses and providers who care about you and your health. You get Medicaid…made personal.

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You and/or your child may qualify for no-cost health coverage even if you work.

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We’re a no-cost health insurance company with more doctors, more rewards, and extra benefits.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections wants to do all we can to connect you with the health care you need. With a network of over 39,200 healthcare providers, we provide healthcare coverage and extra benefits to help you get healthy and stay healthy. Because your health is our purpose.

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About Medicaid

Medicaid provides no-cost health insurance for people who are unemployed or have low income. Louisiana Medicaid delivers high-quality health insurance from private companies, making sure you have access to the services and medications you need.

3 Facts About Medicaid

Healthy Louisiana is the state’s Medicaid program. It provides quality, no-cost health insurance for eligible individuals and families in Louisiana. Read More

Get Rewards for Managing Your Diabetes

Over 550,000 Louisianans are currently living with Diabetes. Of them, over 100,000 don’t even know they have it. But members of Louisiana Healthcare Connections are earning rewards just for managing. Read More