Quality health benefits at no cost to you.

Medicaid provides no-cost health insurance for Louisiana residents who are unemployed or have low income. Louisiana Healthcare Connections provides our members with the care they need plus health rewards they can spend.

Medicaid from Louisiana Healthcare Connections covers almost any healthcare need you may have. Plus, we offer extra benefits like vision care, health rewards and more.

Check out the list of covered benefits below (this is not a complete list).

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Doctor Visits and Urgent Care
Unlimited visits to help you get healthy and stay healthy

Prescription Medication
No cost for most members. (Some may have a co-pay of between 50¢ and $3.)

Specialist Doctors and Care
Louisiana Healthcare Connections does not require a referral to see a specialist.

Hospital Services
(inpatient and outpatient)

Pregnancy Care
All pregnancy services, from pre-natal care through post-partum care are covered. Unlimited visits to your OB/GYN.

Dental Services for Children
Medicaid provides separate dental coverage for children. Call 1-888-342-6207 for more information.

Mental health and substance use services

Nurse Advice 24/7
Members who need health advice can speak with a nurse anytime day or night. They’re just a phone call away and there’s no cost to you.

Annual Wellness Checkups

Care Management Support

Chiropractic Services
Covered for members under age 21

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Emergency Services

Emergency Transportation
Ambulance and helicopter

Family Planning Services

Hearing Aids and Audiology
Members age 21 and older limited to one hearing exam per year and one hearing aid every two years

Home Health Services
Unlimited for children under age 21; for adults up to 50 visits per year

Hospice Care

All recommended immunizations are covered, including: pneumonia, influenza (flu), chickenpox, shingles, meningitis, DTAP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), Hepatitis A and B

Labor and Delivery

Laboratory Services and X-Rays

Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC)
IUDs and birth-control implants

Mental Health Counseling and Treatment
Services provided by psychologists, clinical social workers, professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, addiction counselors and other behavioral health specialists

Mental Health Inpatient / Residential Treatment

Newborn Circumcision

Nutrition / Dietician Consult Services
Covered for children under age 21

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Podiatrist Services

Screening and Testing
Preventive care to detect sexually transmitted infections, cancers, diabetes, heart disease and other conditions

Sexual Health Services

Speech Therapy

Substance Use Treatment

Transportation to Appointments

Vision Services for Adults
Age 21 and older: one pair of eyeglasses per calendar year as well as routine screening, corrective and medical services

Vision Services for Kids
Under age 21: three pairs of eyeglasses per calendar year as well as routine screening, corrective and medical services

Health Rewards For Adults
Earn rewards for taking care of your health. Use your rewards to help pay for utility bills, groceries and more.

Health Rewards For Pregnancy
Earn up to $190 in rewards for healthy habits

Health Rewards For Kids
Earn rewards for taking care of your child’s health. Use your rewards to help pay for utility bills, groceries and more.

Start Smart for Your Baby Mobile App
Free access to the award-winning pregnancy smartphone app from Due Date Plus

38,500+ providers statewide

8,900+ specialists

3,050+ providers for children

2,275+ providers for adults

575+ women’s health and pregnancy specialists

3,300+ mental health and substance use providers

This is not a list of all covered benefits. Some services may require prior approval. Call Louisiana Healthcare Connections Member Services (1-866-595-8133, hearing loss: 711), Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. if you have questions about specific services.