I Was Approved For Medicaid – Now What?

You applied for Healthy Louisiana Medicaid, and you were approved. But now what do you do? Here’s what to expect after you are approved.

You’ll get a letter from Healthy Louisiana.

If you chose a health plan, the letter will confirm the plan you picked. It will also list your doctor, if you chose one. The letter will tell you when you can start using the plan and seeing your doctors.

If you did not choose a health plan, you will be assigned to one. You’ll get a letter from Healthy Louisiana that tells you which plan you were assigned to. The letter will also tell you when you can start using the plan and seeing your doctors.

You’ll get a letter and a Member ID from your health plan.

Your health plan will send you a letter welcoming you and a member ID card to take to all of your medical visits. The letter will include information about how to contact the plan if you have questions about your benefits or if you need assistance.

Get to know your benefits.

Your health plan will have many tools and resources to help you and your family get healthy. Make sure you take some time to learn about your benefits. Call your health plan if you have questions or if you would like information about these tools and resources sent to you.

You’re ready to start getting the care you need.

Now that you’re in a Healthy Louisiana plan, you can call your doctors to make appointments. When you go to the appointments, make sure you take your member card with you.

You may have chosen a doctor when you applied. If you didn’t, or if you want to change doctors, call your health plan for help finding a doctor near you.

Remember: During the first 90 days in Medicaid, you can change health plans for any reason. To do so, call 1-855-229-6848, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can learn more about how to change health plans here.

Last Revised: September 30, 2023